- About the Office -

  The Office of Patent Attorney Roman Wołowczyk was established in 1993, when the Polish Act on Patent Attorneys that enabled attorneys to work on a freelance basis came into force. Based on over twenty years' experience in the field of refractory and construction materials, and in the sector of machine tool and metallurgical equipment, as well as machine construction technology, I offer high quality and timely services, as well as exceptional reliability and expertise.

  Patent Attorney Roman Wołowczyk has been registered as a European Patent Attorney (EPI), certificate No. 137700, thus is authorized to act as a professional representative before the European Patent Office.
Patent Attorney Roman Wołowczyk is a professional representative (Certificate No. 28038) in matters related to trade marks and industrial designs before OHIM - European Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market based in Alicante.

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